Levelling up fixed income buy-side trading

In Blog by Abdullah Hiyatt

How often have you had to compromise on your trading strategy because your systems simply can’t keep up? If you’re like the many fixed income buy-side traders we’ve spoken with, it’s likely more often than you’d prefer.

In today’s fragmented trading landscape, traders face a persistent challenge. They’re forced to work within rigid, pre-set workflows dictated by incumbent vendors’ limitations. This situation, far from traders’ envisioned workflows, increases operational risk and compliance issues due to manual workarounds.

These systems aren’t tailored for OTC trading—the primary mode for fixed income assets—and struggle to keep up with the pace of today’s evolving market needs. In today’s world, over 90% fixed income transactions are multi-legged, across various asset classes. However, staging orders into venues disrupts the intended trading strategy. Traders deserve a system that enhances their complex workflows, not one that hinders them. Modern technology can meet these needs, but it’s often underutilised due to incumbents’ lack of investment in understanding fixed income trading.

That’s where THETA steps in with Apollo, a game-changer in fixed income buy-side trading. Apollo harnesses advanced technology to aggregate data from multiple venues and liquidity providers into a single, trader cockpit view. No more juggling multiple platforms.

Apollo’s employs an API-first strategy, faciliating direct RFQ, click-to-trade, and price and axe liquidity aggregation. This empower traders to execute their strategies without compromise. With support for all bonds, IRS, CDS, futures, and options, Apollo offers real-time updates on prices, yields, and spreads. No more need to take screen prints, or keep details in excel. Apollo ensures full audit trails, live pricing, yields, spreads in one place, and auto-ex rules amongst others, in one place, significantly mitigating trading, compliance and audit risks.

At THETA, our mission is to level up the landscape. We believe that traders should leverage technology to realize their ideal trading strategies, not conform to outdated systems. With Apollo, we’re not just enhancing the fixed income buy-side trading process – we’re redefining it. Ready to level up?