Fixed Income Buy-side EMS

Ever wondered how to unlock the full potential of fixed income trading?

In Blog by Abdullah Hiyatt

Imagine a world where your fixed income trading needs are met seamlessly, intuitively, and effortlessly, regardless of market volatility or liquidity challenges. At THETA, we’ve brought that vision to life with Apollo, our cloud-native SaaS platform designed specifically for the modern fixed income buy-side trader.

We understand that fixed income traders require transformative technology solutions that seamlessly integrate into their workflows. That’s why we developed Apollo, our industry-leading platform that incorporates advanced modern trading protocols and liquidity aggregation tools directly into your day-to-day operations. Whether you’re tackling complex strategies or navigating illiquid bonds across dealer and venue channels, Apollo offers diverse pre and at trade solutions.

As Dwayne Middleton, Global Head of Fixed Income Trading at T. Rowe Price , aptly questioned at FILS US 2023 in Nashville, “Can AI be used to reduce clicks and automate manual workflows?” At THETA, we’ve answered with a resounding “Yes.” Apollo is developing AI-powered capabilities to provide real-time market data, pre/post trade execution analytics, and automate workflows, empowering traders with a superior and efficient trading experience.

With a focus on a smart responsive digital user experience, Apollo is designed to empower fixed income traders to anticipate the market and observe it before a trade, not just react to it. We embrace AI technologies and explore how they can enhance the trading experience, joining industry leaders like Bloomberg and JP Morgan who are also revolutionising trading with innovative chat functions.

Furthermore, Apollo can be tailored and white-labelled to reflect the client’s brand. We’re dedicated to providing traders with the right analytics at the right time, embedded directly into their workflow so that they can focus on making informed and smart trading decisions, wherever they are.

Fixed income traders are smart, savvy, and adaptable. With Apollo by THETA, traders gain the tools that matches their ambition, helping them navigate the market with confidence and insight.

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