How crucial is an immediate tech overhaul for buy-side traders?

In Blog by Abdullah Hiyatt

The buy-side is on the cusp of a significant transformation, fuelled by volatile market conditions, regulatory changes, and rapid technological advancements. As Gavin Little-Gill from Aite-Novarica rightly highlights, technology has become the great enabler​.

However, I would like to offer an alternate perspective on the progress made by incumbent buy-side trading technology providers. While some advancements have brought about useful changes, the pace of innovation isn’t quite as fast as it needs to be and is in fact overdue, especially considering the complexity of the challenges traders face today. Some of the so-called “advancements” are merely incremental enhancements, and in some cases, might even be seen as smoke and mirrors. Incumbents have often struggled with their own modernisation, for years, which in turn hampers their ability to drive truly transformative innovation.

The race to innovation isn’t about keeping up with the relentless pace. It’s about understanding the needs of the traders, providing them with the right mix of solutions, and offering the flexibility to meet their specific needs.

At THETA, we believe that the transformation of the trading landscape
necessitates a fresh, agile approach, one that leverages cutting-edge technologies like our cloud-native platform, Apollo. We offer a seamless digital user experience and a flexible, responsive, and intuitive way to trade smarter, from anywhere​.

This is not just innovation, this is digital transformation. By leveraging data and AI/ML, we can digitise and automate investment and trading processes to provide users with a superior trading experience. This goes beyond simply understanding the needs of the traders; it’s about having a forward-looking vision of what the market and traders will need, predicting trends and future-proofing our solutions to meet them.

We strive to be more than just another technology provider, we aim to be a trusted partner with skin in the game. We are committed to our clients’ success and align our objectives with theirs. We understand that in this rapidly evolving landscape, trust and reliability are as important as innovation and adaptability.

With a pragmatic approach to leveraging new technologies and tools, as we do at THETA, we support a lean/agile delivery approach​​. Our aim is to continue pioneering this transformation, championing a shift that goes beyond mere cost efficiency to creating true value and competitive differentiation for each and every client.